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Is there a way to copy the contents of the Results window after compiling?

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  • Is there a way to copy the contents of the Results window after compiling?


    I'd like to capture the text in the Results window after a compile as part of a build log. In the Results window I can't select multiple lines and when I do Ctrl-A to select all, it chooses the source window, not the results window.

    Is there a way to copy or save the text in the Results window?


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    If you are using MCS as the editor then in the results window there is a small arrow in the upper right hand corner. Just click on this arrow and you will see a tab for copy all. Then just past it into your favorite editor for later consumption.
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      Thanks very much! I assumed that arrow was to minimize the results window.

      I appreciate the help,


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        Then you can simply copy it. The following works for a single file: CTRL + F. Type your search string. CTRL + SHIFT + L to select all occurrences found (max. 999). ESC (or close search dialog with top-right X). CTRL + I to select whole lines. CTRL + C. Open new file. CTRL + V.​
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          There are a few ways you can copy or save the text in the Results window of your compiler or IDE. Here are some possible solutions:
          1. Right-click on the Results window and select "Copy All" or "Select All" from the context menu. This should copy all the text in the Results window to your clipboard, which you can then paste into a text editor or other application.
          2. Use a screen capture tool to take a screenshot of the Results window, and then use an OCR (optical character recognition) tool to convert the image to editable text. This method may be less precise than copying the text directly, but it can work in cases where other methods are not available.
          3. If your IDE or compiler supports macros or scripting, you can write a macro or script that automates the process of copying the text from the Results window. This will require some programming knowledge, but it can be a powerful solution if you need to perform this task frequently or automate other tasks in your build process.
          4. Some compilers or IDEs may have a feature or plugin that allows you to save the Results window to a file directly. Check the documentation or online resources for your specific IDE or compiler to see if this is an option.
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