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  • MicroCode Studio Error

    I copied an older program I wrote from one computer to another. Looks fine in Microcode studio but when I try to compile(or compile program) I get this error saying "Folder is read only" and "Unable to compile (program name).pbp. The source directory is read only".
    The fix?

    PBP3 Pro

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    The fix, I would guess, is to move the source file to a folder that is not read-only and is not a (or in a) system folder, like C:\Windows or something. I'd recommend a sub folder under \\Documents (or whatever it's called).



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      I am also encountering this issue. Don't know why its happening.
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        This is my first time on the site - really happy to find this support group. I have personally struggled with internet addiction issues and look forward to exploring the resources here.
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          The error message indicates that the folder containing the source code is marked as read-only, which prevents the compiler from writing the compiled output to that directory.

          To fix this, you can change the folder's permissions to allow writing or move the source code to a folder with write permissions. You can also try running the compiler as an administrator, which may have the necessary permissions to write to the read-only folder.

          Alternatively, you can create a new folder with write permissions and copy the source code to that folder before compiling.​ H‑E‑B Partner Services
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