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PBP 3.1 Released

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  • PBP 3.1 Released

    PBP 3.1 has been released. This release adds new libraries for support of devices using Microchip's latest memory map. With these new libraries in place, we'll be able to continue to accommodate the latest 8-bit devices as they are released.

    This release doesn't affect the Student Edition, though 3.1 keys are available for Student users.

    For Silver Edition, the only additional library and device family is the long awaited PIC10F32x. (Also in Gold Edition.)

    For Gold Edition, libraries for the PIC18FxxK40 and PIC16F188xx are added. We've also added initialization code for the devices using the latest standard Peripheral Pin Select (PPS) function. PPS, when equipped, will read HPWM and HSERIN/OUT defines and initialize PPS appropriately.

    For PBP 3.0 owners, the upgrade price is $50.

    PBP 3.1 will, by default, install to a different folder than previous versions to preserve the old-version files. You can keep using your previous installation of MCSPX with PBP 3.1.

    Note that PBP 3.0 and PBP 3.1 use separate activation keys. A 3.0 key won't work in the 3.1 activation manager and a 3.1 key won't work for 3.0.
    Charles Leo
    ME Labs, Inc.