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I2C/PWM Battle

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  • I2C/PWM Battle

    I'm using this thermopile (see link) that allows for I2C or PWM interfacing. I'm interested in the PWM function. Seems that default is I2C and PWM needs to be enabled through register using I2C.
    I kind of accepted that fact even though I wish the PWM was default at 'Power On'.
    However checking out some applications others have used, seem to be able to use just a jumper to designate which communication is used before using a micro to enable that register.
    Point in fact is this board from Mikroe (see link)
    Why would there be jumpers designating which protocol if say you wanted to use PWM (you'd need to jumper for I2C to get to that register and then re-jumper for PWM)?

    Using PIC 12F1822 with PBP Pro3

    Wouldn't allow a second link. This is for Mikroe device:

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    I've been trying to add the links to this and it is not working. So the thermopile is Melexisis MLX90614ESF-DCH-000-TU at Digikey.


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      The jumpers on the MikroE Click IR Thermo board is not there for the purpose of configuring the sensor but to select to which pins in the Click socket the sensor pins are connected.

      I only took a quick look at the datasheet for the sensor but it seems pretty clear that factory default is I2C/SMBUS. So, with the MikroE board, first use I2C to set PWM mode (which then becomes the POR default) then move the jumpers if you don't want the PWM signal to appear on the SDA pin of the Click socket. It's not clear to me how to access the sensor via I2C once you've enabled PWM but again, I only looked briefly at the datasheet.



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        Thanks Henrik. Yeah, I imagine you have to dedicate to one or the other protocol or you would need to re-jumper once you've chosen to switch. I'm not using the Mikroe board, I just thought they knew some magic to eliminate first going I2C and then PWM with just a jumper change. Oh well, maybe I'll just put removable jumpers on my board so I can switch configurations.


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          Hey thanks for sharing this i got the new idea for the project i am working on i was facing some issues i will shorty share when my project done thanks again.
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            Hey, guys thanks for sharing this info i am new please if you have some suggestions share with me.
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