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Thermocouple amplifier

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  • Thermocouple amplifier

    I am not sure if anyone has had this problem.

    I have a couple of Pimoroni MPC9600 thermocouple amplifier breakout boards that I have been trying to use with a PIC 18F14K22 chip.
    I am using PBPX
    This board uses I2C to send communicate with a microprocessor.
    The board works fine with an Arduino board, but I can not get meaningful data when using a PBP programmed PIC.
    Looking at the MCP9600 data sheet, it seems that it is expecting a NAK after it sends the low byte of temperature data.
    I don't think that the PIC is sending correct signals to the MCP9600 chip.

    I wonder if anyone can give me any info as to why I can not read this chip.


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    I found out that if I set the register address as a variable, (addr var byte) and then make addr = to the value that I want and then use addr in the command things seem to work.

    addr var byte
    addr = 0
    I2Cread sda, scl, $CC, addr, [temp_high,temp_low],I2Cerror

    Sorry that I was not understanding that requirement in the manual.