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    I am working with the PIC16F628 for a Midi Out programm for ProgramChange.
    So I use the statement:
    Hserout [$C1, $01] ; ProgramChange, Midi-Channel 2 and Program 1
    I also implemented als the Define statements. and 20 MHz Oscillator.
    But it doesn’t run. Has anyone a small example for that?

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    I could solve my problem alone. All ok.


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      But it doesn’t run
      what does that even mean

      Has anyone a small example for that?
      an example of what ?

      it comes down to this what have you tried ?
      how did it perform against your expectations ?
      how is connected ?
      what is connected to ?
      a schematic would help or at least a decent description of whats connected
      some proper data on how the pic is configured and how the hserout defines and or registers have been set
      ie post your code [in code tags]
      the more info you provide the more likely you are to get a meaningful reply


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        Hi Richard, many thanks. I solved it. It was a problem with the oscillator.
        I thought, that the PIC16F628-20/P can generate an internal clock of 20 MHz.
        It doesn’t. I have a 16 MHz crystal, which I connected and all runs fine. Thomas