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Players can use FIFA 24 Coins to buy player cards

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  • Players can use FIFA 24 Coins to buy player cards

    Coins are the main form of in-game currency in EA Sports FC, play an important role in the entire in-game economy, and are a must-have item for every player. Players can use Buy FC 24 Coins​ to buy player cards, items, suits, gift packs, etc. Playing FUT matches – Wins have more Coins rewards. Trading items on Transfer Market – Buy cheap, sell for higher price. Selling cards using Quick Sell option. Receiving Coins as rewards and gifts.

    Buying and selling FC Coins for real money is considered against EA Sports’s Terms of Service, which means it is illegal. By doing so, you will put your FUT account at the possible risk of getting banned permanently by EA. So, consider this matter before you do any Coins trading with real money. If you buy FIFA 24 Coins on other sites, NBA2King doesn't know about it. But if you choose NBA2King as your preferred store to buy EA FC 24 Coins, then they are 100% confident that you will receive your Fut Coins​ safely 24 Ultimate Team.​