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Proteus for PBP3_1?

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  • Proteus for PBP3_1?

    I'm in a position where I can afford Proteus. Last I heard, it only worked on PBP3.0.9 and older, and didn't work with newer offerings like the K40s. A thousand dollars is a serious chunk of change to shell out on something that isn't up to date. What is the status on Proteus now? Will it work with PBP3.1 and the newer PICs?
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    I can't recommend the latest Proteus for use with PBP at this time. I don't have verification from anyone else, but on my computer PBP 3.1 won't execute successfully as an integrated compiler from within Proteus. I believe you can compile outside of Proteus and import files, but I think that will only allow you to run the code - no step-debugging will be possible.

    The latest release version of Proteus doesn't include any of the K40 parts, so you can't simulate them regardless of compiler. (I have not checked the beta version of Proteus.)

    I still like Proteus as a tool for schematic capture and PCB design and I use the simulator with PBP 3.0.9. But as you say, it's a lot of money. I don't know if the issue with PBP 3.1 can be resolved.
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      ver 8.8 does allow for a library download from digikey of the all the current procesors


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        I'm bumping up this question. I hope someone can help. DunkinRunsonYou
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